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About DJ

Welcome to designers juice - big and small designs created by industrial designer Rasmus Højstrup Nielsen.

3rd space furniture

The 3rd space furniture are conceptual furniture elements for public and semi-public spaces. The aim is to create a sphere of privacy in a public scenery.

3rd_space_0013rd_space_005   3rd_space_006 3rd_space_008 3rd_space_007 3rd_space_010 3rd_space_009 3rd_space_0113rd_space_003

Bathroom redesign

My friend asked me to come up with a few ideas for redesigning the bathroom in his apartment located in Vesterbro/Copenhagen. The featured images are the proposals.

bathroom_Kramer_001 bathroom_Kramer_002 bathroom_Kramer_003 bathroom_Kramer_004 bathroom_Kramer_005 bathroom_Kramer_006 bathroom_Kramer_007